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When it comes to fishkeeping we hobbyists always want the very best for our precious fish. Betta fish are no exception! These intelligent and curious fish deserve the very best from us. Especially since there are a lot of betta fish tanks on the market that are not suited for bettas.

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What Are Under Gravel Filters? Under Gravel filters (UGFs) are a type of filter which water is drawn through a plastic grate that lies under the gravel bed. Normally these tanks are limited to gravel substrates as sand will fall through the grate and will not allow the (UGFs) to function properly. This type of filtration uses mechanical and biological filtration. The gravel acts as a mechanical filtration as it collects the debris. The biological filtration comes into play when a bed of bacteria grows with the help of the oxygen-rich water that flows through the grates. What Type Of...

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Learn the basic steps required to set-up your first aquarium. Please note this is just the basic checklist.

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