Basic Tips For Setting Up Your First Fish Tank

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Basic Tips For Setting Up Your First Fish Tank

Gather All Supplies For Your Tank
(Substrate, Ornaments, Heater, Filter)

  • Wash all your supplies with warm water for roughly 30 seconds.
  • Don’t use any soaps or detergents to clean your fish-keeping supplies or tanks. These are highly toxic to fish and the chemicals will not wash off.
  • There are many substrates that are suitable for a home aquarium. Gravel and sand are the more popular choices.
  • Washing substrates depends on what is being used. Gravel and sand can be easily placed into a bucket of water. Swirl the water around and drain. If the water isn’t clear, feel free to repeat this step.

Layer Down Substrate & Add Decor

  • Pour the water into a plate or plastic bag to help prevent the substrate and decorations from moving.
  • Don’t plug in your equipment just yet. Most equipment needs to be submerged in water to work properly.
  • If using live plants, make sure to house them properly. Different plants require a different level of care.

Add Your Water Conditioner

  • The water conditioner that I personally recommended is SeaChem Prime.
  • This de-chlorinator gives you more bang for your buck compared to other water conditioners.
  • Prime also removes chloramine a chemical compound that many water facilities are now using to treat their water.
  • In addition to this, Prime also detoxifies ammonia which can help in a pinch with dealing with an ammonia spike.

Plug In Your Equipment
(Filter, Heater, Lights)

  • The heater should be placed near your filter. This will allow adequate water flow and move the heat around the tank.
  • If using an air pump, make sure to use an aquarium check valve. This important piece is relatively cheap and will prevent any chance of water from backing up and out of the aquarium during a power outage.

Final Step Cycling Process

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