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Many newbies in the fishkeeping community have problems dealing with algae. An outbreak of algae can be a scary ordeal to face. Algae can appear for a multitude of reasons: offset of nutrients, water quality issues, light exposure to name a few. While there are many ways to fight back the spread of algae, one effective way to combat an outbreak would be to enlist the help of an algae eater or two. For the most part, these animals come in many sizes and shapes. Some of them being more effective than others. While it might be nice to have some of these algae eaters in every tank, I think it would be wise to check on the requirements of the species in question before making any sudden purchases. After all, you wouldn’t want that small pleco you purchased to grow up to be a 12-inch monster in your ten-gallon aquarium. Here are my 5 Top Algae Eaters for your aquarium. 

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Live plants are a great way to set up and decorate your first aquarium. Besides looking better than their artificial counterparts they offer a plethora of benefits. These benefits include a place for your fish to hide, soaking up excess waste in the aquarium and more.

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Whether you’re an expert aquarist or a newbie looking to enter the hobby, you may have questions about what type of decorations should be used in the average fish tank. On one side of the spectrum, we have fish keepers who prefer the use of artificial plants to decorate their tanks. On the flip-side, many fish keepers prefer the use of live aquarium plants to spruce up their tanks. The question boils down to personal preference.

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