Best Betta Tanks For New Fish Keepers Plus Bonus DIY Option

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Best Betta Tanks For New Fish Keepers Plus Bonus DIY Option

Best Betta Tanks For Newbies 

When it comes to fishkeeping we hobbyists always want the very best for our precious fish. Betta fish are no exception! These intelligent and curious fish deserve the very best from us. Especially since there are a lot of betta fish tanks on the market that are not suited for bettas.  Most of these tanks are cheap and don’t have the necessary staples that betta fish require to really thrive. This misinformation has caused many untimely deaths of a lot of our fish friends. Check out my Top 5 Betta Myths if you want to know more about common betta fish myths. This is why it’s important to look for the right tank for your betta fish. Compared to other fish, betta fish have certain requirements that need to be addressed in a proper fish tank. Because of this, I took it upon myself to help educate new fish keepers who are getting their feet wet and joining the wonderful hobby of fishkeeping. To help you out, I’ve compiled an in-depth review of three different aquariums at 3 different price points. All three of these tanks, I think would make a great choice for your new betta fish. If you’re in a hurry, check out these links to see the tanks right away. 

#2 Marina LED Aquarium Kit Middle-Ground Option 

#1 Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit Luxury Option 

Before I get into my in-depth tank recommendations I want to backtrack and talk about 3 common questions that many new betta fish owners ask when it comes to their new tank.

What Size Should My Betta Fish Tank Be?

Housing a betta isn’t hard. But, many newbies fail to properly house them, keeping them in small jars and bowls. Many fish keepers these days recommend a tank size no smaller than a 2.5-gallon tank. With all tanks, the bigger the tank the better. Bigger tanks allow for more stable water chemistry which means fewer water changes and fewer fluctuations in temperature and water quality. If you can afford a bigger tank your betta fish will be much happier.

Do Betta Fish Need A Heater?

Betta Fish are Tropical fish! This means they need to be in a temperature range between 78°-80F° to really live a long and happy life. I see a lot of new betta fish owners failing to give their new betta fish the right temperature. I’ll admit that bettas can “survive” at room temperature, but they will suffer from it. Being stressed out and prone to illness such as ich is not something you want your new pet to go through. Unless your room stays between the proper temperatures all your round, you’re are going to need a heater for your betta. What type of heaters do I recommend? It honestly depends on the size of the tank you have for your betta. So, I would pick out your tank first and see what type of heater would be best for your tank size. You can check on Amazon for listings for betta heaters.

Do Betta Fish Need A Filter?

While it’s true, bettas don’t actually require a filter due to the fact they breathe air. I would strongly urge you to get one. A filter tank will provide many benefits besides providing oxygen to your aquarium. Filtered tanks have the benefit of keeping your tank cycled by providing housing for your beneficial bacteria. Filters will help keep your water quality in check, which means less frequent water changes. When choosing a filter, you want to look for betta friendly options. Most bettas prefer calmer waters due to their heavy fins. I would recommend a gentle flow filter such as a sponge filter or filter that has an adjustable water flow.   With these 3 rules in mind, your betta will live a long and happy life. Alright, with the basics out of the way, let’s talk about some great beginner betta tanks for first-time betta owners!

Tetra LED Cube Shape 3 Gallon Aquarium

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The Tetra Led Cube is the first tank on the list. This tank is the budget option on our list. While it being the budget option it still has all the bells and whistles that are needed for housing your betta. This tank is 3 gallons which is the basic requirement that I hold to all my betta fish tanks. This will allow your betta fish to swim around safely and stretch their fins. The tank has a lid which will prevent bettas from jumping. Along with that, the tank has a small footprint allowing it to be placed in an office space or living room. Like all tanks, there are some drawbacks. While this tank does come with a filter, I think it’s garbage and should be replaced. Due to many complaints of it breaking and not working properly. A good alternative filter would be Azoo Mignon Hang On Back Filter. This filter will fit perfectly in the space provided. Another thing I don’t like is that this tank is made from a type of acrylic. This has some drawbacks as these tanks are easier to scratch compared to their glass counterparts. For the most part, I do like this tank and it makes a great option for those tight on cash.

Marina LED Aquarium Kit

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This aquarium kit model is really a great standard aquarium for betta fish as well as a community tank if you were to go with the 20-gallon option. The Marina LED Aquarium kit comes in three sizes. You have your standard 5, 10 and 20 gallon tanks to choose from. A betta fish would love any of these tanks. These aquariums all come with an aquarium kit which includes an aquarium net, fish food, and even water conditioner! Along with that, each of these kits comes with a silent Marina Slim Hang on back filter. These filters even have an option to lower the flow, in case it’s too strong for your betta. All in all, you can’t go wrong with the basics and that’s just what this tank is.

Fluval Spec V

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 What makes the Fluval Spec V so great for a betta fish tank? Well, the Fluval Spec V is a great beginner tank for first-time fishkeepers. The set-up is a breeze, even for people who might be unfamiliar with some of the aquarium parts (Filter, Pump, Light). Overall this tank is made from high-quality parts that are made to last. However, like all tanks, there are some drawbacks for this tank. First, while the Fluval Spec V has a great filtration in place, the strong flow might be too strong for heavily finned bettas. Many betta owners, including myself, have added a simple Pre-Filter Sponge on the filter nozzle to help reduce the flow. Other than that, I think this tank is a great addition that your betta is sure to love!

Bonus D.I.Y Tank Option: Petco & Petsmart Dollar Per Gallon Sale!

A couple times a year, these two pet store chains offer a great deal! They put their bigger bare tanks for sale for only a $1 per gallon. Can you imagine how much room your betta will have when you get them a whole 10 gallon tank! The only problem is that this sale is only for bare tanks which means you’re going to have to provide at least a simple aquarium heater and filtration at a minimum. I recommend a simple sponge filter for a 10 gallon tank. You're going to need an air pump and air tubing if you want to use a sponge filter. Other items you could add (But not necessary) would be a tank lid, light, substrate, and decorations. Like I said earlier, bettas are easy to take care if you remember the three rules of keeping bettas happy.

Final Verdict

If you are a betta beginner or maybe an expert, it’s still a good idea to stick with the basics when looking for a betta tank. While betta fish are very hardy fish, it’s still a good idea to give them the best home available. I hoped the list above gave you some neat ideas for your new betta tank. It doesn’t take much to make these fish happy. By providing them with a happy home, your fish will thank you in spades by giving you countless hours of entertainment.

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