Are Hang On Back Filters Good?

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Are Hang On Back Filters Good?

What Are Hobs?

Hang on the back filters also known as power filters are a type of filtration that hangs on the back of the aquarium. These types of filters are rather common these days. Most of them being sold in starter aquarium kits. As the name sounds, these filters sit on top of the aquarium. A motor pulls up aquarium water through the filter, it then trickles back into the aquarium. These types of filters can provide all 3 types of filtration. (Chemical, Biological, Mechanical)

What Type Of Aquariums Are Good For Hang On Back Filters?

Most standard aquariums can use (HOBs). They provided adequate surface tension and filter the tanks quite well. However, there are types of tanks that I wouldn’t recommend (HOB) filters. Fry and Shrimp tanks will not be a good match for these types of filters. Shrimp and fish fry can easily get sucked up the siphon. Also, fish that don’t like a lot of surface agitation such as Betta fish might not like (HOBs) due to the amount of surface tension that they make. These filters can also make a heavy water flow which makes it hard for Bettas to swim against.

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What Maintenance Does A Power Filter Require?

Depending on the brand and model of the filter, and the type of media used, the maintenance requirements of a power filter vary. Many power filters use manufactured filter cartridges that fit the specific model of filter you have. These cartridges can be rinsed out when you perform water changes to remove accumulated debris. Don’t use tap water to rinse out your filters. This will kill off the good bacteria that have colonized your cartridges. Remember dirty cartridges aren’t a bad thing. This is where your biological filtration occurs. Sponges used in power filters should not need to be replaced until they start to deteriorate, just rinse them thoroughly in dirty aquarium water as necessary. If you are using chemical media such as carbon cartridges, make sure to replace them frequently to prevent the release of toxins into the water. Lastly, you also have to periodically clean the lift tubes and the pump on your power filter. This can be easily done with cleaning q tips.

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Hang On Back Filters are a very common type of filter used by the average aquarium hobbyist. These type of filters are very versatile in their use due to the fact they are capable of using all 3 types of filtration. While there are many benefits to these filters it’s good to know that not all aquariums are suited for these types of filters. If you are thinking of adding one of these filters to your aquarium, I recommend the AquaClear Filters. They tend to be a little more pricey than the other brands but I think the price is justified. These filters are designed better than the other brands due to the use of foam inserts and bio materials that will foster beneficial bacteria which is essential for maintaining your tank.

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