5 Best Betta Toys & Decorations

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5 Best Betta Toys & Decorations

Betta Fish Toys Overview

While many still believe the old myth that goldfish have a 3-second memory. This simply isn’t the case. Several studies have shown us that fish can remember up to five months!

This isn’t surprising to many betta fish owners who interact with their very inquisitive betta fish. Some of us swearing that these smart fish recognize their owners and even beg for food! Many of us provide a proper home for a betta fish, but do we provide a stimulating environment for them?

To many, this might sound surprising as they are used to seeing bettas living in little cups with nothing to do. But, the fact of the matter is that we should provide them with some toys or some type of fun stimulus.

However, before you decide to make a purchase for your betta, it’s important to make sure the item you are putting in the fish tank is beta safe. That means no sharp edges or harsh plastics that might leach toxins. So, what type of decor is betta safe? I’m glad you asked! Here is a list of some decorations that I found safe for my bettas.

#5 Betta Leaf Hammock

In the wild bettas live in miles of water. Whether it is a huge swamp or rice paddies these fish are used to having a lot of room to swim in. However, these areas are also very shallow. So, more often than not these fish are used to staying near the surface. This is why the betta fish leaf hammock is the perfect decoration for them. By placing the large leaf near the surface of your tank, your betta fish will have a nice place to rest.

#4 Silk Aquarium Plants

Silk plants make great additions to a betta fish tank. Silk plants, in general, add hiding spaces along with helping bettas explore their tank. If you do decide with going with silk plants it’s important to look out for sharp edges that might tear the long finnage of your betta fish.

#3 Sinking Ceramic Betta Log

Hideouts such as caves and logs make great use of betta's natural instincts to explore and scavenge for food. While this log sits on the bottom of your aquarium, your betta will have a fun time lairing out. This log will help relieve boredom and create a safe space for your betta to hide in.

#2 Marimo Balls

Marimo Moss Balls would make a great addition to your betta fish tank. This little moss ball requires only water and some light. These moss balls of moss also have the extra benefit of absorbing waste in your betta tank. Which will help with your water changes. Not only that, some betta owners have reported that their betta fish have been seen sleeping on their Marimo balls!

#1 Live Plants

Live plants make a great addition to most aquariums. Besides providing nice hiding spots for your betta they also provide oxygen and help with absorbing harmful nitrates and ammonia! If you think that live plants are too much of a hassle to grow in your betta tank, think again! Along with this, live plants also help make your tank look natural which will make it aesthetically pleasing to most people.


Well, there it is folks, my top 5 betta fish toys, and decorations for your lovely betta fish. While it’s nice to spoil your fish with toys it’s still important to remember to stick with the basics when caring for a betta by providing them a proper tank and room to swim around in. You can find these products and more over at Amazon!

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